Our company manufactures and sells high-quality adhesives, acting according to the guidelines of Responsible Care. We are committed to continuously improve the way we work, providing our customers with technical support for all of our product lines. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, a quality control system that means that our products meet the quality requirements and are safe to be used by our clients.

We aim to be an organization whose concern is to satisfy customer needs. Our product line includes solvent-based adhesives with a mixture of synthetic resins and polymer dispersion adhesives. The main components are polymers and synthetic resins such as polychloroprene, polyurethane, Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) as well as Natural Rubber. We also commercialize primers and solvents; Hot melt adhesives, such as EVA or Metallocene available in glue sticks or granules and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) formulated from synthetic rubber and supplied in block form; We also formulate 2 component PUR adhesives for the manufacture of Structural Insulated Panels.

In our constant effort to prevent and control pollution, and to contribute to a sustainable development, we have developed a water-based adhesive line for construction, paper, boxes and cartons, among other industrial applications.

The commercialization of our products is done through technical sellers, specialized in advising the industry in general, regarding the use and application of the products. Our Head Office and Factory is located in Américo Vespucio Industrial Park, Quilicura, Santiago. We also have branch offices in Concepción, which makes us the leading supplier of adhesives in Chile.

Our Mission

Madesa is committed to use advanced technology to produce and commercialize adhesives of the highest quality to satisfy the needs of its customers. The company has built a reputation based on quality, commitment to a long-term growth and profitability, through a continuous focus on being the market leader due to its quality products and customer service.

Our Values

Madesa is a company that, through its Meister® brand is committed to meet the requirements of its clients, producing and selling adhesives of the highest quality, for which uses advanced technology. Madesa is willing to improve continuously its processes through its quality management system, meeting the legal requirements, for the sake of their customers, working in a clean and responsible manner.


Customer satisfaction and the desire to fulfill all their expectations are our highest concerns. Thanks to the manufacture of quality products and an excellent technical support service, we have achieved a strong bond with our customers, allowing us to create new production lines.

Honesty and Team Work

We communicate honestly and openly in the workplace and with our customers. A strong teamwork and good communication are essential for the development of the company.


Great commitment and cooperation of all Madesa’s employees, to whom we value and assign responsibilities according to their capabilities, in order to successfully achieve our obligations.


We are committed to the health of our employees and the protection of the environment. Our constant effort to reduce pollution has led us to develop new products that reach the highest standards, in order to contribute to the sustainable development.